In fact, their initiative gives the ability to container terminal operators to roll out remote control and automation to RTGs in the container yard without running fiber or cable spools, with substantial savings in cost and time.

What is more, both companies have been closely collaborating to find innovative connectivity solutions, creating a new opportunity for container terminal operators.

In light of the situation, Cosimo Malesci, Fluidmesh Co-Founder and EVP Sales and Marketing noted:

Our wireless MPLS-based technology has been proven in many vehicle automation systems around the world where 802.11 WiFi or LTE haven’t been able to deliver. Our focus on seamless roaming, extremely low latency and high throughput wireless networks to drive productivity, safety, and security continues to pay off.

For the records, this partnership with Fluidmesh is part of Kone­cranes’ goal towards port automation, where container terminals improve productivity and safety in manageable steps.

We have been impressed by Fluidmesh Wireless MPLS technology since day one. We have been testing many different wireless technologies for crane operations over the last decade and the throughput and reliability delivered by Fluidmesh is unparalleled.

...Sampo Pihkala, Chief System Engineer ARTG at Konecranes concluded.