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Tankers to the rescue again: a solution to storage woes

The Standard Club’s loss prevention (LP) department comments on how this current crisis in oil prices coupled with the fall in demand has pushed several oil producers, traders and consumers to stock up, leading to a shortage in storage space for oil, not just crude but even clean products such as aviation fuel and gasoline.

Port of LA sets new cargo handling record

Port of Los Angeles set a new global record for most cargo moves during a single ship call. In fact, 18.465 containers from the MSC Isabella were successfully moved at APM Terminals’ Pier 400.

Carriage of seed cake in containers: Updated industry guidelines

Earlier this year, the International Group and CINS jointly published Guidelines for the carriage of Seed Cake in containers. An updated version released today, contains some minor changes to the text including an updated description of Seed Cake, some clarification of details following queries received from container ship operators and the properties and observations for each relevant UN number.

Port of Montreal achieves record 2019

The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) informed that 2019 was a sixth consecutive record year in terms of tonnes of goods handled. The total volume of goods reached 40.6 million tonnes, up 4.3% from 2018.

Cargo transhipment at North Sea Port falls by a quarter in May

North Sea Port has quantified the impact of the coronavirus in the month of May. It reported 23% less cargo transhipment and 33% fewer vessels. As expected, the effects of the coronavirus crisis are being seen over a full month for the first time.

Port of Antwerp introduces solution for releasing containers

Container handling in the port of Antwerp is a complex process involving many players. In order to guarantee security and improve the operational efficiency and transparency, Port of Antwerp has introduced a new procedure, namely Certified Pick up.

Port of Antwerp marks volume drop in April

Following the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Port of Antwerp marked a slight increase by 0.4% in its total cargo volume during the first four months of 2020, in comparison to the same period last year.


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