Including also Mobile Drilling Rigs updates, Navarea Warnings, and AIS

Scottish maritime software development company Jargoon has announced its product Seall Passage Planner has been added with additional features which further enhance the versatile passage planning tool. The newly added features are focused on providing additional navigational data and information to the mariner for securing safety at sea. They can be overlaid on ENCs along with other nautical information to aid the mariner in planning routes more efficiently.

Seall Passage Planner marks AIO on ENC

With the latest updates, Seall Passage Planner now provides essential nautical information by integrating new features: Piracy overlay, Weather Overlay, Mobile Drilling Rigsupdates, Navarea Warnings, and AIS(Automatic Identification System).

Weather Update Overlay

The weather overlay function allows a mariner to observe the weather information such as wind direction, atmospheric pressure, and bands of rain for the next five days and help to find the most efficient passage for a safe voyage.

The weather overlay visualizes the motion of wind direction, bands of rain and atmospheric pressure in order to give an overview of the next five day weather forecast during the planning phase. The mariner can preview any danger zone where potential risks are lurking and take appropriate actions into account in advance. The regions can be selected and viewed from the five oceans list but for more accurate and specific METAREAs, users can visit at the Joint Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) website by clicking online link in Seall Passage Planner.

Together with the weather overlays, the piracy warnings overlay is regarded as a primary feature for safe navigation. The used piracy warning data in Seall Passage Planner is from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and is collated and updated every 24 hours.

Piracy Warning Overlay

Piracy warning reports are collated and updated every 24 hours by the ICC(the International Chamber of Commerce). In Seall Passage Planner, Piracy warnings will be marked around the route alerting the mariner that the areas have been attacked by armed pirates.

The Piracy Warning Overlay in Seall Passage Planner highlights all areas where Armed Robbery attacks have been made in port or out at sea and allows users interactively to access to up to date notices and reports so that mariners can take necessary precautionary measures beforehand.

To observe specific areas whilst planning a passage, a navigator simply selects the attacked area on the map and the system will conveniently display related piracy notices and information. For performing effective risk management, Seall Passage Planner automates route validation against piracy in order to supports the mariner to make a secure passage plan.

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