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Danish maritime Authority paves the way with digital certificates for seafarers

The Danish Maritime Authority attended the stage at the International Maritime Organization in London to present their project on digital certificates for seafarers. The Authority’s representatives noted that while the digitalization of certificates for seafarers is in great progress, they are now initiating a proof of concept-project to demonstrate how it will function in practice.

Software development security important in shipping industry

A software development security is of a big importance for the shipping sector nowadays, as the cyber attacks and threats seem to be increasing and shipping companies are facing challenges on how to deal with cyber activity. Software development security is an activity to grow and operate secure software through a series of security activities that are carried out at each stage of software development by removing security weaknesses.

E-learning to take over hands-on training in maritime industry?

Over 70% of the respondents of MarTID (Maritime Training Insights Database) survey initiative, World Maritime University (WMU) expect an increase in simulators and e-learning in the coming years. In year 2019, traditional classroom teaching, and simulation training are the most popular training methods for operators, while there has been much debate about whether e-learning in maritime industry works or not. Some believe there is no replacement for hands-on training, others believe there is.

Maritime Connectivity Platform launched

The Maritime Connectivity Platform Consortium (MCPC) was established with a signature ceremony during the conference ‘e-navigation underway international 2019’. The MCP is an open source, vendor-neutral digital maritime domain to bring common internet standards to maritime navigation and transportation systems. The MCP enables infrastructures for efficient, secure, reliable and seamless electronic information exchange among maritime stakeholders using available communication systems. 

Watch: Port of Rotterdam presents Internet of Logistics

Port of Rotterdam presents the theory of Internet Logistics, called ‘The Dutch Twist’. It is a joint initiative of Douane and partners of Neutral Logistic Information Platform, NLIP. The Netherlands lead the way when it comes to logistical expertise and digital developments. Internet of Logistics enables users to be less focus on the physical documentation, and more on the exchange of data, as well as avoid mistakes.

New tool to improve fishing efficiency and sustainability

Fishing vessels worldwide discard as many as two of every five sea creatures they catch. In response, Stanford scientists have developed a new software tool which can help fishers target the most productive fishing spots while avoiding unwanted or protected species such as sea turtles and dolphins.

JIP on propeller inspection announced

TrueProp Software, a company that builds software for marine propeller inspection, announced the launch of the new Improved Propeller Inspection and Metrology Joint Industry Project. This project aims to address methods and software code for improvements in propeller inspection.

DSME selects NAPA for ship design processes

Maritime software, services and data analysis provider NAPA, announced that DSME chose the 3D model-based NAPA Steel software to streamline design processes and be up to date with the 21st century naval architects and structure designers. DSME will use the software at both the initial design stages, and detailed design stages.

NileDutch to use predictive software to streamline empty container flows

Container shipping company NileDutch started a cooperation with the technology company Transmetrics, to streamline its empty container flows and increase efficiency. Namely, NileDutch will use a program called AssetMetrics, which uses historical data to improve data sets so that the intelligent algorithm can produce reliable predictions. 

US Air Force announces new update for GPS software

The USCG informed that the US Air Force released a memorandum to inform the GPS community of an update to the GPS ground control software that may impact some user equipment. The software update will be installed again, until March 1, 2018, in order to give time for manufacturers to bring GPS receivers into compliance with the Interface Specification.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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