Specifically, ICS Deputy Secretary General Simon Bennett commented that FONARs are a last minute result and shouldn't be commonly adopted by vessels.

The circumstances in which a FONAR can be used are very limited and conditions attached to their use will be strict.  Shipowners still need to remain focused on doing everything possible to ensure full compliance in 2020.

... Simon Bennett noted.

ICS acknowledges the possibility of shipowners facing challenges with being compatible with the new 0.5%  blended fuels which they may have intended to use.

However, ICS highlights that the higher cost of alternative compliant fuels will not be considered as a valid basis for claiming non-availability of safe and compliant fuel.

ICS also reminds ship operators of its updated guidance on 'Compliance with the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap', according to which vessels are expected to bunker and use other compliant fuels in the possibility when 0.50% Smax fuels are unavailable; Port State Control is the only one that can decide for any exemptions.

Generally, ICS is concerned on the matter of green shipping and aspires for a future environmentally friendly shipping industry. The Authority opposed to the Canadian Legislation according to which the Canadian Senate will issue a moratorium on the shipment of crude oil in the waters of Northern British Columbia.

Mr Bennett concluded

Above all else, the onus will be on the ship operator to provide documentary evidence that every reasonable step has been taken to ensure compliant bunkers will be available in the planned bunkering port.