Performed in the spirit of UK legislative requirements, the figures show that men earn almost 44% more than women. In fact, men are more likely to receive a bonus, with that being about 60% higher than those paid to female employees.


There is a very little change compared to last year, so the group came together to discuss why the pay gap exists and what can be done to try and reduce it

HR Consulting said.

In addition, some of the key themes that arose are the following:

  • Culture Change: The industry is traditional, structured and slow to change. This is limiting opportunities to improve gender diversity and rather than wait for the change to come, attendees expressed the desire to challenge some of those traditions.
  • Assumption busting: The industry should challenge some of its most common assumptions applied to the people and businesses. Thinking differently about how the relevant skills and experience can be found or replicated in another way will increase the opportunities for women to progress.
  • Senior buy in & accountability: Lack of senior management support and understanding of the benefits of diversity and inclusion generally are felt to be holding the industry back.
  • Solutions for all: Opportunities for part time and flexible working need to become more visible, acceptable and most importantly open to all.