Accordingly, the NSRI states that the four crewmen suffered serious injuries. The vessel alerted the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) Port Elizabeth duty crew, who met the bulker aboard sea rescue craft Spirit of Toft.

Concerning the injured men, one seafarer suffered critical injuries with fractures to the jaw, hip, clavicle and a suspected neck fracture, another one suffered a fractured Femur and hip. Also, the third crewmember suffered a fractured Tibia and the fourth one sustained bruising to the head.

The NSRI stabilised the patients when their vessel was calling the port of Elizabeth, where the vessel docked. The crewmembers were transferred to hospitals for further treatment by emergency medical services ambulances in serious but stable conditions.

In general, hazardous conditions at sea have led to seafarers' injuries; For instance, in 2018, a chief mate suffered injuries after falling to the deck due to inclement weather.

Consequently, the Nautical Institute issued focused on weather as a critical factor for safe navigation, providing ten tips to remember about observing, preparing for and encountering weather at sea.