NTSB investigation report determines probable cause of fire to be the ignition of flammable material

2011.9.28- NTSB.pngOn the morning of March 10, 2012, while transiting between Malta and Sicily, Italy, inthe Mediterranean Sea, the M/V Alliance Norfolk, a roll on/roll off vehicle carrier, encounteredrough weather and heavy seas resulting in damage to its cargo and a subsequent fire on a cargodeck

The fire was extinguished at sea, but 2 days later while in port, the damaged cargo deckwas ventilated, and the fire reflashed, causing further damage to the vessel and its cargo.

Following the accident, test results for illegal drugs and alcohol were negative forAlliance Norfolk crewmembers. Three crewmembers reported minor injuries.

An interim survey report by Scandinavian Underwriters Agency (SCUA) Middle EastLtd., Dubai, June 4, 2012, estimated total damage to the vessel and its cargo caused by the firewas about $1.3 million

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause of the fire onboard the M/V Alliance Norfolk was ignition of flammable material by an undetermined ignitionsource on deck 5 due to shifting cargo while the vessel was rolling in heavy seas after losingpower.

Contributing to the severity of the damage was the reflash of the smoldering fire when thevessel was in port.

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Source: NTSB