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NTSB investigation: Engine failure causes fire on another towing vessel

NTSB issued an investigation report on the engine room fire aboard the towing vessel City of Cleveland on the Lower Mississippi River, in February 2020. The investigation identified catastrophic engine failure and crankcase breach of the port main engine, as key cause of the incident. 

Investigation report: Poor bridge management leads to LPG hitting wharf

The National Transportation Safety Board focuses on the importance of proper planning, reporting of an incident that took place in 2019, when an LPG carrier stuck a Washington State wharf, the NTSB cites poor bridge resource management by the pilot, captain, and bridge team, along with complacency that resulted in more than $8 million in damage to the wharf and ship.

NTSB investigation: Higher speed contributes to contact of tow with bridge

NTSB issued an investigation report on the contact of tow William C with a Rock Island railroad bridge protection cell, on Des Plaines River, in January 2020. The investigation established that high speed prevented the pilot to correct the tow’s position after completing the transit through the previous bridge. 

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