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NTSB investigation: Four safety issues after fatal Conception fire

Following months of investigation, NTSB issued its official report on the fire onboard the small passenger vessel Conception in September 2019 off California, which killed 34 people, reiterating poor oversight by the company and USCG regulatory issues as key areas of concern. 

NTSB investigation: Explosion on barge linked to the company’s incomplete procedures

NTSB issued an investigation report on the explosion aboard Barge IB1940, while moored at Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, in November 2019. The investigation identified the company’s incomplete procedures as key cause of the accident, as these did not incorporate the safety instructions included in the Facility Operations Manual regarding the electrical bonding of air movers to barges.

NTSB investigation: Vessel fire spreads to marina, kills 8 people

NTSB issued an investigation report on the fire and explosion on the houseboat Dixie Delight which spread to Jackson County Park Marina, Alabama, in January 2020, killing eight people. The report highlighted that marinas should have measures and guidelines in place to prevent such incidents. 

NTSB issues four recommendations in USS Fitzgerald collision

The National Transportation Safety Board issued Thursday four safety recommendations in its final investigation report of the fatal collision between the US Navy destroyer Fitzgerald and the container ship ACX Crystal. These include the need of training on collision regulations, as well as review and revision of bridge resource management training.

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