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NTSB investigation: Overheating of electrical wiring led to Grand Sun fire

NTSB issued an investigation report on the explosion and fire onboard the offshore supply vessel ‘Grand Sun’ while in the Gulf of Mexico, in October 2018. The report identified overheating of electrical wiring, associated with a chest freezer or the receptacle powering it, as key cause. 

Fishing vessel runs aground as Captain fell asleep

NTSB published its report on the 2018 grounding of a fishing vessel near Point Reyes, California. The five crew of the ship remained on the vessel, until receiving assistance from the USCG. There were no pollution or injuries.

Lessons Learned: Lack of “hot work” training results to vessel’s fire

The National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) issued an accident report on a fire that took place on the fishing vessel “Jeanette” which at the time of the incident was pier side at the American Samoa Government (ASG) container facility in the Port of Pago Pago, Tutuila Island, American Samoa, with 18 crewmembers and one shoreside vessel representative on board.

USCG questioned over implementation of NTSB safety recommendations

In an official hearing on Commercial and Passenger Vessel Safety on Thursday, the head of NTSB’s Marine Safety Office critiqued the US Coast Guard’s willingness to bolster safety rules for passenger vessels, on the aftermath of three fatal incidents involving small vessels in US waters.

NTSB calls USCG to follow its recommendations on duck boat sinking

Based on fatal incident of the DUKW Amphibious Vessel, Stretch Duck 7, the NTSB issued Marine Safety Recommendation Report, calling the USCG to require sufficient buoyancy for DUKW amphibious passenger vessels and to require the removal of canopies, side curtains and their associated framing, while underway, for those without sufficient reserve buoyancy.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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