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NTSB issues four recommendations in USS Fitzgerald collision

The National Transportation Safety Board issued Thursday four safety recommendations in its final investigation report of the fatal collision between the US Navy destroyer Fitzgerald and the container ship ACX Crystal. These include the need of training on collision regulations, as well as review and revision of bridge resource management training.

NTSB to finalize dive boat fire report

The National Transportation Safety Board scheduled a board meeting for Octοber 20 to consider the agency’s investigation of the fatal, September 2, 2019, fire aboard the dive boat Conception off Santa Cruz Island, California.

NTSB investigation: Collision linked to lack of early communications

NTSB issued an investigation report on the collision between the bulk carrier Century Queen and the towing vessel Kaytlin Marie on the Lower Mississippi River off Louisiana, in June 2019. The investigation highlighted lack effective communications to confirm a passing arrangement as key cause of the collision. 

NTSB investigation: Workboat sinking in strong river current

NTSB issued an investigation report on the capsizing and sinking of the workboat MSRC 8-1, resulting in two fatalities while at Boothville Anchorage, Lower Mississippi River, in January 2019. The report highlighted an unforeseen risk associated with conducting the exercise in a strong current, although the company’s safety procedures and crew training were adequate. 

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