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RMI: Crew fatality from failure of extension platform

RMI issued an investigation report on a fatal fall onboard the bulk carrier ‘Penelope’ while underway in the Coral Sea in November 2018. A seafarer was standing on the extension platform for one of the ship’s provision cranes which detached and fell 8-9 meters.

Drunk crew and structural issues result to ferry sinking

An independent commission issued an accident report concerning the loss of the ferry MV Butiraoi which was produced in response to the very strong calls from the public including the Kiribati House of Parliament, demanding answers to a number of very critical issues in relation to the foundering of the MV Butiraoi off the coast of Nonouti on Thursday, 18 January 2018.

Tug capsizes due to lack of training and oversight

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada discusses a capsize incident, where the George H Ledcor was towing another barge and resulted to the former’s capsize.The event resulted to a seriously injured crewmember and an unknown quantity of oil spill. 

Stevedore dies during cargo handling operations

The Japan Transport Safety Board issued an accident investigation report on a stevedore who was found dead, stuck between the container and the loading container, during cargo handling operations. 

El Faro sinking: Poor seamanship in the spotlight

The sinking of the container ship ‘El Faro’ in October 2015, claimed the title of one of the biggest marine tragedies in the recent US history. The ship had sailed directly into the path of Hurricane Joaquin, with NTSB and USCG noting that the key cause of the accident was the Captain’s failure to handle the ship against the storm and make appropriate use of weather data. As a result, all those on board perished in the sinking.

Lessons learned: Non-compliance linked to fatal vessel sinking

Ireland’s MCIB issued a report on a fatal sinking involving the fishing vessel ‘Beal Sruthan’ while off Craugh Island, Galway Bay, in May 2018. Although the cause cannot be determined, it is probable that the failure to properly blank off the redundant stern tube by failing to properly seal both ends led to the sinking. 

Lessons learned: Crew fatality during tank cleaning

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued a report on the fatality of two crew members onboard the chemical tanker ‘Key Fighter’ in September 2018. The two crew men fell from a height which led to fatal injuries. It was not excluded that the cause of death could have been either H2S gas intoxication or suffocation due to lack of O2.

Fire in yacht’s garage linked to lithium-ion batteries

Transport Malta issued a report on a garage fire onboard the yacht ‘MY Kanga’ while at anchor off Croatia, in September 2018. The investigation concluded that in all probability, the seat of the fire was the Lithium-ion batteries. Transport Malta recommended a review of the Commercial Yacht Code of 2015.


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