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Multitasking associated with ‘Umm Salal’ grounding off Malaysia

MSIU issued an investigation report on the grounding of the Malta-flagged container ship ‘Umm Salal’, off Selangor, Malaysia, in 6 April 2017. Evidence from the report suggested that the OOW had  to interpret his observations and plan his actions practically on his own, which is considered to be the immediate cause.

Probable causes of main engine damage onboard ‘Chodziez’

MSIU issued a report analyzing the probable causes of the main engine damage on the RoRo cargo ship ‘Chodziez’, while en route from Oran, Algeria, to Marseille, France, in March 2017. The investigation concluded that the oil mist alarm was triggered by a mist of oil, which was generated by a hot spot, following the failure of the bearing shells.

Crewman’s deadly fall from height associated with poor risk assessment

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report on the fatal fall of a crew man onboard the Maltese-registered bulk carrier ‘Pompano’, in Port Hedland Anchorage, Australia, in April 2017. The investigation found that the crew member lost his footing and grip whilst carrying out repairs on the ladder. 

Fatality on elevator onboard highlights work hazards in enclosed spaces

In April 2017, an electrician onboard the Maltese registered bulk carrier ‘Abyo Audrey’ suffered fatal injuries while working inside the elevator shaft. MSIU issued a report on the accident, revealing that the entry into the elevator shaft without being assisted and in communication with other crew member, was a contributing factor. 

Improper tightening of a pipe plug causes fire to vehicle carrier

NTSB released a report about the the vehicle carrier Alliance St. Louis. The vessel had began from Port Arthur, Texas, heading to Jacksonville, Florida, when a pipe plug on the fuel pump for the main engine’s no. 6 cylinder came loose, causing fuel spray onto the engine’s hot exhaust gas pipe manifold. The atomized fuel ignited, causing fire.

Lessons learned after passenger ship hits uncharted rock

While the master focused on recovering the boats, L Austral inadvertently entered a 300-metre unauthorised zone, which was not permitted to enter and struck an uncharted rock. The hull was pierced and an empty void space was flooded. The Transport Accident Investigation Commission issued an investigation report.

Two injured after cargo lift overload

When the cargo lift onboard a fishing vessel was 1.5m above the tank top, the hoisting wire parted, causing the lift to fall into the cargo hold. Two crew members successfully jumped clear of the lift, back into the freezer hold, however the other two crew members suffered from severe shock and broken ankles.

Proper maintenance important for firefighting equipment efficiency

During an annual maintenance of CO2 fixed firefighting equipment on a vessel, in the emergency generator switchboard room, there was an unplanned and unexpected release of water. A fine mist was noticed coming from one of the nozzle heads in the emergency generator switchboard room. In addition, water was spraying out of the nozzles

Injury during small boat operations

During a small boat operation, a boatman held the master link, trying to hook the link in the Daughter Craft hook. While doing this, his left index finger got caught between the master link and the lifting wire thimble, resulting in injury to the finger.

Learn from the past: Exxon Valdez incident

March 24 marks the 29th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez accident. On this date in 1989, one of the most catastrophic – if not the most catastrophic – oil spills of the 20th century took place. The tanker Exxon Valdez was departing the Port of Valdez, Alaska with a full load of North Slope crude oil, of approximately 1.26 million barrels, destined for Long Beach when it grounded on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound. About 258,000 barrels of cargo were spilled as eight cargo tanks ruptured, causing one of the most shocking environmental disasters in the history of US.


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fishing vessel on fire
Poor maintenance of electrical equipment leads to fishing vessel total loss
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Leak by damaged pipe causes fire to Ro-Ro’s engine room
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Multitasking associated with ‘Umm Salal’ grounding off Malaysia
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US introduces legislation to protect its coasts from oil spills
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Eco ship project to be expanded
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LNG tanker breaches safety rules in Northern Sea Route
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Tidetech and NAPA: Better data means better decisions
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New digital app improves Port of Rotterdam’s efficiency
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New digital service to provide safer navigation
CIC Detentions Fines PSC Focus Vetting
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Ship detained after Captain found drunk off Denmark
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Owner of pirate fishing vessel ‘Thunder’ fined €8.2 million
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USCG: BWM compliance in the US in 2017
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Panama Canal sets milestone with 3 LNG ships transits the same day
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New cooperation aims to measure microplastics in the ocean
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ITF opposes to tug captains sanctions in the Panama Canal
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fishing vessel on fire
Poor maintenance of electrical equipment leads to fishing vessel total loss
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Three Indian ports to pioneer seawater recycling
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Australia investigates diving complaints in Ichthys project