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Fishing vessel sinks due to unloading large catch

On the morning of 11 September 2017, the fishing vessel ‘Langley Douglas’ developed a port list, capsized, and subsequently sank 60 miles east of Cape Charles, Virginia. A US Coast Guard helicopter rescued the five people onboard. The Langley Douglas was valued at $1.95 million.

Diver dies after complications during subsea lifting operation

As IMCA informs, during the removal of a spool at 172msw, divers were conducting lift bag operations to relocate the spool to a wet store location. During the operation a series of events took place, which resulted in a diver’s death. Investigations into the cause of the incident are currently underway.

Lessons learned: CO2 release from fixed firefighting systems onboard

UK MAIB issued a double report on the unintentional release of CO2 from the fixed fire-extinguishing system onboard two ships, in two separate incidents. There was no injury in these cases, however this type of incident has caused 72 deaths and 145 injuries, mainly in maritime, between 1975 and 2000.

Heavy nets retrieving leads to fatality on fishing vessel

Problems such as nets picking up stones or inverting in the water are an integral part of trawl fishing. In this case, the crew had identified that the net was particularly heavy and were dealing with it by setting up the equipment to use the net drum and gilson winch together to haul the net aboard.

INTERCARGO: Ammonium Nitrate should not be treated as group C

Following  the investigation report of the 2012 built supramax bulk carrier M/V CHESHIRE which was issued by the  Isle of Man Ship Registry, INTERCARGO urges IMO to reconsider how Ammonium Nitrate Based Fertilizer should be designated in the IMSBC Code. Currently, the Ammonium Nitrate Based Fertilizer is listed as a group C cargo, however, the accident showed that this cargo, or at least some of the ammonium nitrate based fertilizers shipped as this cargo, should treated  differently under the IMSBC Code.

Rudder compartment hull leak causes major capsizing of towing vessel

The US NTSB issued an investigation report on the capsizing of the towing vessel ‘Gracie Claire’, while moored on the Lower Mississippi River in Venice, Louisiana. The report revealed that several factors affecting the stability of the vessel led to its capsizing. 

Maritime New Zealand: Kayakers should always follow safety precautions

As Maritime New Zealand informed, a kayaker who was fishing on a Southland river lost his life when he was dragged by the current out to sea across a gravel bar. Maritime New Zealand analyzes the incident and proposes lessons to be learned. This man did not follow many basic safety precautions.

Alcohol a key factor of crewman’s fatal fall overboard fishing vessel

On 12 November 2017, a deckhand on the fishing vessel Illustris entered the water after probably falling overboard. He had spent the afternoon and evening ashore and had just returned to the vessel. Although the deckhand’s fall was not witnessed, postmortem examination report indicated high level of alcohol.

Fatigue leads to fishing vessel capsizing

According to Maritime New Zealand, crew fatigue caused the grounding and loss of commercial fishing vessel ‘Jan’ and its owner, Wild Fish (NZ) Limited, being fined $27,200 following prosecution by Maritime NZ. The 17-year-old deckhand, fell asleep soon after going on watch.


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