The EPS 'Life at Sea Programme, Reimagined Accommodations' includes enhancement of connectivity, start-of-the-art gymnasiums to promote an active lifestyle, advanced recreation lounge and interiors "that completely challenge what seafarer accommodations should look like", the company notes.

We are as responsible for the physical and mental wellbeing of seafarers as we are for industry decarbonisation. My vision is to create a modern environment onboard that is a balance of form and function. These reimagined accommodations will provide added benefits to our ship staff, making their time at sea an enjoyable experience,

...stated Idan Ofer, the principal of EPS.

The announcement is of particular significance amid a growing discussion across the industry regarding life conditions for seafarers onboard, in light of COVID-19. The pandemic made crew changeovers inevitable, leaving many seafarers trapped onboard ships even though their contracts had expired, in violation of MLC, creating an adverse effect on their overall wellness.

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The EPS community is made up of a 5,000 strong workforce and our goal is to ensure each individual has a sense of belonging. The upgraded accommodation accomplished this for our seafarers. It proves that we care for their long-term wellbeing and they are an essential part of our team,

...added Gil Ofer, EPS Special Advisor for Innovation.

The company unveiled its first newbuild to feature the fresh new look, last week. Find a video here.

In addition, responding to COVID-19, the EPS enhanced its Life at Sea wellness programme by creating the EPS Cares Initiative in May. The initiative included a wide variety of measures such as free data allotments to stay in touch with loved ones onshore, a monetary bonus scheme, and access to trusted news sources and mental wellbeing videos to help manage stress and anxiety.