Keep in mind that the countries mentioned herebelow, are the ones that have changed their regulations concerning crew change from BIMCO's update.


The Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) announced extension of the Seafarer's Employment Agreement (SEA) until 14 September 2020. Thereafter, the provisions of the MLC, 2006, as incorporated into the national legislation will have to be complied with.


The Maritime and Port Authority Singapore is working with the industry taskforce to provide more detailed guidelines to safeguard the crew change process.


Jamaica declared seafarers as essential key workers and implemented measures to fasten the transit of registered seafarers through its borders.


According to the  Argentine President:

  • Sanitary Authorities will have the prerogative to administer the implementation of the exceptions to the general regulation.
  • High Risk category: If proceeding from a Risk Area or if crew temperature log is found abnormal, Sanitary Authorities will take all necessary precautions which could include quarantine of all crew and passengers.
  • Low Risk: If vessel has over 14 days of navigation from last port or is proceeding from an area not listed as high risk and crew temperature log is normal, then operations will evolve normally and without restrictions.


  • Crew Changes are allowed.
  • Off-signers: plane has to leave the country while the vessel is at the port. And crew has to fly in/out Belgium.


  • Crew have to be transferred straight to destination (ex: Airport x Vessel or Vessel x Airport – no hotel accommodation).
  • Crew must carry valid VISA or SB.
  • SB should be signatary of ILO 185.
  • Crew change should be informed at ANVISA.
  • For Off signers, COVID quickly test is compulsory. If negative result crew can follow trip and if positive crew will have to pass by quarantine of 14 days at hotel (for asymptomatic cases).
  • Crew have to be transferred straight to destination, ex: Airport x vessel or Vessel x Airport. (no hotel accommodation).


There is an approval for crew changes, in order to obtain this special waiver onsigners and offsigners must comply as following:

Onsigners: They board the vessel with an invitation letter, which will be issued by the Agent with full details of each crew member and flights too.

Offsigners: Off-signer must comply with a 14 day quarantine on board vessel from last foreign departure port. If they do not meet this requirement, they must complete the days on board or at a local Hotel until their fixed flight.


Only Chinese Nationality Crew Change is available. As BIMCO's information noted, any foreign crew is prohibited at any port.


The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announces that with effect as from 20th June, 2020 all passenger who intent to travel to Cyprus are obliged, for disembarkation purposes, to carry the CyprusFlight Pass.


As from 1/7 Egyptian airports are open for international flights and crew changes are allowed in all ports.


Any travellers, regardless of the mean of their mean of arrival in Greece, they should fill in the online form PLF (Passenger Locator Form) 48 hrs prior to the departure from their home country in order to avoid any penalties from Authorities in Greece (penalties can reach 5000 EUR).The Airlines are obliged to check the above PLF before passenger boards airplane and if it is not available then his boarding should be denied.  In case that the visitor arrives in Greece and does not hold the specific form then the Airlines are obliged to arrange his repatriation under their own responsibility covering all relevant expenses.

Until September 15th, 2020:

Temporary refusal of entry in the country for NON EU nationals but seamen are exempted from this measure as well as the citizens of the following countries: Australia, Georgia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, UAE.

Until September 15th, 2020:

Any kind of visitor arriving in Greece via flights from Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, UAE, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Albania, N. Macedonia , will be allowed to enter country only if they present a negative PCR test for Covid-19 (via an oral-pharyngeal or nasopharyngeal sample) which must be conducted 72 hrs prior their arrival in Greece and by designated laboratories of the Countries of origin or transit, or by public labs or Certified labs by National Authority of that Country.


Only Indian crew is able to sign on or off.


As of September 1st, it would be mandatory required for crews (who travel from target areas) to have a PCR test result (taken 72 hours prior their plane boarding), when they arrives JP airports.


Supreme Commity has stopped the entry of Non-Omanis to the Sultanate of Oman through all land and sea border posts and via air except GCC citizens, as from March 17th.  All ships and their agents are obliged to submit the IMO Declaration of Health to the Harbour Master, along with a completed ‘Corona virus questionnaire’.


Ban on international flights has been extended until September 22nd.

Sri Lanka

Since the commencement of foreign crew change operations in Sri Lanka in August 2020, Government encountered a large number of COVID-19 positive cases among Indian Seafarers.

Therefore Government have implemented a new SOP effective from today onwards for Indian seafarers coming to sign on via Sri Lankan ports. All the Indian seafarers should undergo a 14 days quarantine period before traveling to Sri Lanka.


Crew Changes are prohibited in U.A.E. as of August 2nd (Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Khor Fakkan).