Specifically, the "Drones in Oil & Gas - Thematic Research" report addresses that major oil and gas sector players are already using custom drone platforms for data collection and obtaining real-time insights. Yet, those who remain in the traditional means of operations will be left behind, if they don't keep up with the technological developments.

Up to now, major players of the sector such as BP, Shell, and ExxonMobil, have already adopted drone technologies after years of performance evaluations.


Moreover, the industry will see in the future drones with long-range capabilities that will improve the efficiency of aerial surveys for corridor mapping during the design phase of pipelines as well as for performing pipeline inspection using non-destructive testing technologies.

Recently, the US Navy tested drones as another tool in its inventory for the management of corrosion on its ships, capturing ship imagery for a few minutes along its predetermined flight path.

Concluding, you may fine the Drones in Oil & Gas - Thematic Research here.