Russian Navy places more than 30 underwater drones on combat duty

According to TASS, the Russian Navy aspires to put more than 30 Poseidon strategic nuclear-capable underwater drones on combat duty. The ‘Poseidon,’ also known under Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6 or “Kanyon” by the U.S. intelligence community, is propelled by a miniaturized nuclear reactor.

Smart shipping drives change in the industry

Digitalization is a constant theme in shipping right now; smart technologies are already making a great impact on the industry. 2018 was an interesting year for shipping, with major developments in the field of digitalization and further steps toward the so-called smart shipping era.

MOL takes part in demonstration test using aerial drones

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. announced on December 20 that it participated in a demonstration test of ship class survey using aerial drones to inspect an MOL-operated coal carrier in service. The test reassured the benefits of using drones to monitor rust, corrosion, and the presence of cracks.

Year in Review: Timeline of smart shipping developments in 2018

As 2018 is running out SAFETY4SEA is picking the hottest smart issues per month at a glance; from significant challenges to worth mentioning developments that made 2018 an important year for the maritime industry especially when it comes to the smart shipping era.

Year in Review: Top shipping stories to remember from 2018

As 2018 is reaching its end, the key developments and challenges that shaped the maritime landscape focus on the unprecedented opportunities that blockchain brought on the spotlight, to the unforeseen evolvement of the shipping regulatory framework that shifted the industry toward a more sustainable approach, the past year claims the title of a turning point for the future of shipping.

Vopak tests drones for safer inspection

Vopak announced that it is testing the use of drones and robots, in order to ensure safer inspection and digital vessel clearance tool for better clearance process.  Among others the testing includes drone inspection and jetty inspection using an underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV).

Port of Amsterdam trials monitoring system to explore drones

The Port of Amsterdam is set to conduct a four-week drone detection system trial, aimed to build understanding of how, where and why drones are flying over the Port of Amsterdam, as well as to monitor the potential of drones for numerous use applications across its, and its customers’ operations. 

Drone to help in Norwegian frigate salvage operation

An underwater drone, usually used for hull inspections of shipping and offshore vessels, will now help the Norwegian Armed Forces during the marine salvage operations of the wrecked frigate KNM Helge Ingstad.

ISO issues first set of global standards for drones

As part of the increased use of drones worldwide, the ISO has published a draft version of the first ever set of standards for drone operations to apply globally, in a bid to make drone operations safer and more efficient. The rules are expected to be adopted worldwide in 2019 and to this end, ISO has invited professionals, academics and businesses to submit comments by 21 January.

Researchers use drones to create 3D map for Alaska wave study

The Alaska Hydrokinetic Energy Research Center carried out a multibeam bathymetry survey and a land survey of Cannon Beach in Yakutat, Alaska. This aims to create a 3D map of the beach, under a US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management-funded project to assess wave energy in Alaska.


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