Drone-based solution to be created for delivery of wind farms spare parts

ESVAGT, Siemens Gamesa and Ørsted are cooperating to create a drone-based solution for the delivery of spare parts and tools from vessel to offshore wind turbine. The project ‘Operative package deliveries by drones’ is sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund and runs until June 2020.

Drones: From trials to world’s first Drone Safety Standards

The era of digitalization has made room for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles to take place and become a powerful tool for ports and the overall shipping industry, playing a major role in a variety of ‘shipping duties’, such as surveillance, safety, accident and pollution reporting, representing the importance of technology in shipping.

Turkish drones accompany drill ships will fly from Gecitkale Airport

The Turkish Cypriot government officially informed that the Gecitkale Airport will from now on be a base for the landing Turkish drones. Those drones are escorting drill ships which are searching for hydrocarbons in the eastern Mediterranean. In light of the situation, a Turkish military drone was delivered to northern Cyprus today, on 16 December.

Port of Rotterdam supports Dutch Drone Delta

In order to ensure safety and efficiency in the ports automatic inspections, the Port of Rotterdam has inked for the construction of the Dutch Drone Delta (DDD), back on 4 December at the Amsterdam Drone Week. Being one of the establishment’s participants, the port goals to boost its drone operations.

Drones to efficiently improve oil and gas industry

A recently-launched report by Global Data, highlights the importance of drones in oil and gas industries, adding that drones will be proven to be beneficial in operations such as monitoring and surveillance of oil and gas sectors.

University alliance presents drones for offshore operations

A university alliance, led by the ORCA Hub, presented its 16 autonomous and semi-autonomous robotic solutions at ORE Catapult in Blyth, near Newcastle, that will be used in offshore robotics research. The drones will be used on or around offshore assets for detailed monitoring and it can replace the need for multiple sensors to be used for integrity monitoring on wind turbines.

Inspection drones project aims to ensure safety of Danish ships

A new project will develop an intelligent drone, which will capable of recognising over 99% of the possible errors that may take place on vessels when they undergo a Safety Inspection. Innovation Fund Denmark has invested DKK 11.8 million in the project. Drones with Artificial Intelligence aim to deliver more accurate and objective results. 

Watch: Drone footage shows barges lodged beneath I-10 bridge

Responders with the US Coast Guard San Jacinto River Fleet Unified Command used a drone to conduct initial damage assessments of the I-10 bridge that at least two barges struck Friday. Nine barges broke away from their moorings at the San Jacinto River Fleet in Houston, on 20 September.


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