The objective of the strategy is to make sure that safety on board Danish ships and in Danish waters is not at risk as a result of cyber attacks.


The Danish Maritime Authority is responsible for the cyber and information security in the maritime sector, including ship systems and software for the ship's operation. It also includes services such as traffic monitoring, warnings and information for shipping, along with other systems regarding to the ship's safe navigation.

To implement the strategy, the Danish Maritime Authority has established the Maritime Cyber ​​and Information Security Unit. To ensure its proper implementation, the strategy's initiatives are:

  • Establishment of the Maritime Cyber ​​and Information Security Unit;
  • EU and International legislation;
  • Exchange point between maritime sector actors and Cyber ​​Security Center (CFCS);
  • Posting of seafarers at the Center from Cyber ​​Security (CFCS);
  • Increased awareness level through collaboration and knowledge sharing in the maritime sector;
  • Specific objectives and user-friendly recommendations for the maritime sector's players;
  • IT security culture and awareness;
  • Focus on standardized processes about cyber and information security management;
  • Ensure sustained and strong cyber and information security preparedness in the maritime sector;
  • Common emergency and alert plan for handling IT security incidents;
  • Planning and implementing common cyber and information security exercises.