Specifically, according to ClassNK's reports, as of the end of November 2020, 7,220 of the 9,159 ships registered with ClassNK are obligated to install BWMS in accordance with the BWM Convention. Among these vessels, 3,982 ships have completed the installation, leaving 3,238 ships that still require attention.

As of 30 Nov. 2020

It is stated that although there has been a decrease of ships without BWMS by 1,280 since August 2019, the installation deadline for these ships remains largely concentrated in 2022.

ClassNK explains that if the shipping industry waits until 2022 to install BWMS, it will lead to difficulties. Therefore, it is advisable to install the ballast systems "well in advance." 

Concluding, ClassNK notes that

Plan approval applications are also expected to concentrate during this period, therefore early application is strongly recommended.