Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani MP, speaking at the lunch, highlighted

Ports are key to the vitality of the UK economy – underpinning regional and national growth.

In the meantime, Mr Martin Lawlor, Chief Executive at the Port of Blyth, addressed the crucial role the ports play in UK economy and the challenges they have to deal with to be as clean and green as possible.

The British ports are hubs of regional economic employment in coastal towns and cities as well as the base of the burgeoning 'blue economy'.

Ports are gateways for numerous maritime sectors including cruise, fishing, offshore energy, leisure and of course general cargo movement, with UK Ports handling 95% of the nation’s goods.

... Mr Lawlor noted.

He continued that ports are part of the solution, not part of the problem, as they enable the entire blue economy, support safe navigation of vessels from jet skis to oil tankers and doing so independently and at no cost to the taxpayer.

Shipping remains the most efficient way to move freight – whether it be from Brazil to the UK or from England to Scotland: your average bulk carrier is more efficient than a Toyota Prius.

... Mr Lawlor highlighted.

During his speech, he spoke in favour of the close relationship between BPA and the Government, as well as he welcomed the Government’s ambitious Maritime 2050 strategy. He calle don Minsters to provide a regulatory and economic environment that offers certainty and is open to investment and innovation.

Cocnluding, he applauded initiatives as the recent Offshore Sector Wind deal which sets out bold targets that will drive further investment in a growing and competitive industry as well as in those that support it, such as ports.