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BPA explores the future of aerial drone activity in UK ports

British Ports Association issued a report which highlights the various ways aerial drones may be used within the UK’s port sector, whether it is delivering parcels to ships, surveying infrastructure, enforcement or for leisure purposes.

BPA responds to Brexit worst-case scenario

Following a letter by the chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove noting potential issues for freight traffic after the Brexit transition period, the British Ports Association responded to reasonable worst-case scenario assumptions.

Snapshot of UK shipping disruption amid COVID-19

Following COVID-19’s impact on the shipping industry, the British Ports Association has been in close contact with the government, assessing the impacts, providing a summary of which sectors have been mostly affected.

BPA sets election priorities for UK ports

In light of the upcoming elections in the UK and the feeling of uncertainty, the British ports Association launched its six key policy priorities for the 2019 UK General Election, paying attention to a swift to Brexit, safety, planning, connectivity, making the most of UK maritime, and fisheries.

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