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William H. Moore

William H. Moore

Dr. Moore is the Global Loss Prevention Director at Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc., managers of the American Club. In that capacity, he brings 23 years of experience to the development and implementation of the Club’s loss prevention initiatives to assist shipowners in the reduction of maritime risks and incidents. He formerly worked at ABS in New York and Gard Services in Norway. He acquired his doctorate degree at the University of California at Berkeley in Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering and is also a graduate of Ocean Systems Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Moore is also formerly the Chairman of the IMO’s Joint Maritime Safety Committee & Marine Environmental Protection Committee’s working group on the Human Element.

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Loss prevention begins and ends with ensuring crew competency

Commitment to crew competency is vital for the retention of seafarer’s skill sets and employment, at a time when financial pressure impacts safety. Dr. William H. Moore, Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention, The American P&I Club, discusses about Club’s initiatives for addressing crew competency and assurance and supporting Members in identifying and managing holistic risks to safety from both shore-based management and shipboard operational perspectives.

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