Katie Higginbottom

Katie Higginbottom

Katie Higginbottom joined the ITF Seafarers Section in 2005 after an earlier career in international publishing. She played an active role in the ITF delegation to the ILO for negotiations and adoption of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC). She was responsible for training the ITF inspectorate on the MLC and for monitoring its practical application, most notably on the issue of abandonment. She has worked extensively with maritime unions in the Black Sea region, East and West Africa and Myanmar. She took up the role of Head of ITF Seafarers’ Trust in July 2018. Since then she has actively expanded the Trust’s reach through her relationships with maritime unions around the world and sought to increase the impact of the Trust’s work through close cooperation with frontline organisations addressing the welfare and wellbeing of seafarers.

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ITF Seafarers’ Trust: Better access to wifi onboard and facilitating shore leave remain key focus areas of crew welfare

In an exclusive interview to SAFETY4SEA, Mrs. Katie Higginbottom, Head of ITF Seafarers’ Trust says that seafarers’ welfare remains a top priority for 2022; in particular, the organization will continue working towards facilitating seafarers’ access to shore leave and providing decent means of communication onboard along with cooperation with the frontline welfare charities.

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