Specifically, the batteries are to be produced in Norway in 2020. The 300-meter-long cruise ship receives a battery pack capable of generating a total output of 10 MWh. As of today this will be the largest battery storage system worldwide to be ever installed on a passenger ship.

The company informs that the technology will be rolled out to other AIDA and Costa cruise ship.

In light of the agreement, AIDA President Felix Eichhorn commented

The integration of innovative battery technology into our “Green Cruising Strategy” is another important practical step we are taking on our path towards emission neutral ship operation. Corvus Energy is an important partner for us in the electrification of our ships.

Moreover, the battery systems will be charged with shore power and during sea operation. The battery system will play a crucial role in reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Overall, AIDA cruises aim towards an emissions-neutral ship operation, planning the first practical trial of fuel cells aboard an AIDA ship by 2021. In December 2018, AIDA Cruises made history with the introduction of the world's first LNG-fueled cruise ship.