According to local media, Indonesia detained the ship on the grounds of illegally anchoring off Batam. Currently, there are 23 seafarers on board the ship, urging the authorities to allow them to leave. However, their efforts have not been fruitful, despite an intervention by the Indian embassy.


The crew claim that they are experiencing many challenges, especially from the authorities which are treating them 'like criminals'. On the letter they sent, the seafarers of the vessel explain that after meetings between the Indian embassy and the Indonesian Navy, the authorities agreed to facilitate a crew change. However, there could be months until the cases reaches the court.

In addition, the master of the ship and witness are being held up, prosecuted on criminal charges. What is more, as most of the crew have fulfilled their contracts, they are getting mentally and physically tired, while their families are worrying as well.

In fact, one of the crew had to be hospitalized due to diabetes, weakness and pain. The doctor declared him unfit for duty and ordered to be repatriated, but this is not possible even on medical grounds.