Accordingly, the paper provides the USCG workforce with the tools needed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Also, the publicaton is intended for use as a guide by Coast Guard facility inspectors for gaining familiarization with cyber activities at MTSA-regulated facilities.  Facility security personnel may likewise reference this guide for additional familiarization.  It is important to keep in mind that the Facility Inspector – Cyber Job Aid is not a substitute for applicable legal requirements, and alone is not a single-source guide to compliance.

It is highlighted that the aid is not regulatory and its only aim is to help facility inspectors in applying cyber guidance and regulations when conducting facility inspections, and when reviewing cyber components of a Facility Security Assessment (FSA) and Facility Security Plan (FSP). Additionally, this Aid can assist in facilitating discussions between Coast Guard and facility personnel as they address cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

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Facility inspector job aid