Specifically, Boris Johnson highlighted that no home will be more than 30 miles away from an electric vehicle charging point.

To achieve the goals stated above, about 800 million pounds should be invested in technology to capture and store carbon dioxide, in efforts in reducing emissions and taking a step closer to UK's plan of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.

Green groups although applauded the pledge, they demanded for more detailed policies.

In the meantime, Benj Sykes, OWIC Co-Chair and UK Country Manager for Ørsted stated

The announcement contains a key commitment to taking cross-Government actions to enable us to reach 40GW by 2030.

Moreover, the Committee on Climate Change added that to reach the net-zero goal requires wholesale changes in the way that Britons travel, eat and consume electricity.

Benj Sykes concluded that his company looks forward to collaborating with the next Government to implement the actions and follow the path to a more sustainable future.