Specifically the container units handled at the port reached the:

  • 217,360 TEUs across the Wando Welchopens in a new window in a new window and North Charlestonopens in a new window container terminals in October.
  • 855,959 TEUs since July, a 7% increase year-over-year;


  • 122,591 pier containers in October
  • A total of 484,549 pier containers in fiscal 2020, up nearly 7% from a year ago.

Boxes handled:

  • 122,591 pier containers in October
  • 484,549 pier containers in fiscal 2020, up nearly 7% from a year ago.


  • 20,986 vehicles at Columbus Street Terminalopens in a new window in October
  • 36% uptick in vehicles coming through the Port with 79,238 vehicles moved thus far in fiscal year 2020.

Breakbulk cargo:

  • 61,305 pier tons handled
  • 43% increase for the fiscal year with 247,111 pier tons handled since July.

S.C. Ports Authority President and CEO Jim Newsome commented that

We have seen strong volumes in early fiscal year 2020 with growth across multiple business segments. While we face some uncertainty in the global market, we are working to further grow and diversify our cargo base to ensure continued success.

Recently, the CEO of South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA), Jim Newsome, commented that he expects the port to be the preferred port of the top 10 U.S. container ports, as in the 2019 FY, the port achieved a record, handling the most cargo in the port's history.

Concluding, the SCPA invested in infrastructure, further deepened Charleston Harbor and moved into a new headquarters building.