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UK P&I Club issues guidance re conflict in Yemen

Addressing the key issues operators may face UK P&I Club provides practical guidance in relation to contractual issues on the ongoing conflict in Yemen.The following guidance addresses the key issues operators may face.Owner refusal to go to a port in Yemen: An owner may be able to refuse a charterer's order to go to a port in Yemen but this will depend on the terms of the relevant charter party and the terms of any war risk clause.Discharging cargo at a port other than a named Yemeni port: If a named discharge port is closed, then the terms of the governing BoL and any charter party should be closely examined as the ship may have liberty to discharge cargo at an alternative safe port. If the named discharge port is open, an owner may have contractual obligations to a third party receiver to deliver cargo there, failure to do so may leave the owner liable for a potential deviation claim or a claim for transhipment expenses under any BoL relating to the voyage.Fighting nearby and the port is open: If the port is open but there is fighting nearby this could pose danger to the ship and the terms of ...

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Standard Club warns on current situation in Yemen

Security situation in Yemen has deteriorated - coalition air strikes led by Saudi Arabia The Standard P&I Club has issued an alert regarding the current security situation in Yemen.The Club informs that the security situation in Yemen has deteriorated, with coalition air strikes led by Saudi Arabia taking place in a number of areas.According to local correspondents, the Port of Aden is now closed and the situation locally is increasingly volatile. The Club has been informed that the ports of Hodeidah and Saleef are operating, however, operators considering trading to the region should exercise extreme caution. The club strongly recommends that members liaise closely with local agents and port and flag state authorities before calling at Yemeni ports. We suggest that members also notify their hull and machinery underwriters and war risks providers. Operators should comply with the most recent version of Best Management Practices when transitting the region's waters.Also read the following articles regarding the situation in YemenReuters -Yemen war clouds raise dangers for top oil shipping routeSkuld P&I Club -Yemen: Urgent updateSource: The Standard P&I Club

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