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Update on Yemen ports situation

The North of England P&I Club correspondent has confirmed the situation with regard port status in Yemen, as of 17 April. The Club advised Masters to remain in close contact with the appointed agent and have all cargo documentation ready when requested by officials.

Food shipments in Yemen reduced by 50%

Commenting on the latest development on the Port of Hodeidah, UN informed that it remains open and operational. However, the World Food Program said that 50% of the shipment of food to Yemen has been cut, because many ships are refusing to dock in Hodeidah port due to the fighting.

Yemeni coalition advances closer to Port of Hodeidah

The attack on the Port of Hodeidah in Yemen has advanced this week, as UAE-backed Yemeni forces have gained more territory, which now puts them about five miles away from the Port.  Until now, the Port of Hodeidah remains open, but the main roads that are leading to the south and east of the city are closed to aid convoys.

Skiffs attempted to attack tanker west of Yemen

On November 3, two suspicious skiffs attempted piracy attack to a Chemical Tanker as the vessel was making northbound passage through the Red Sea west of Yemen. After warning hand flares were fired, the skiffs ceased approach and passed by the stern.

Houthi militia holding 10 vessels in Port of Hodeidah

In its latest Yemen ports update, the Swedish Club informed that Huthi militia is holding 10 oil and commercial vessels in the port of Hodeidah, preventing them from unloading their cargo, while some ships have been detained for nearly 6 months, according to the head of the Higher Relief Committee.

Yemeni navy seizes Houthis explosive-loaded boat in Red Sea

The Yemeni Navy managed to prevent an attempt by Houthi rebels against ships in the Red Sea. According to initial reports, Yemeni forces seized a a booby-trapped, explosives-loaded boat sent by the Houthis to attack international ships in the area. 

Update on Yemeni ports situation

The ports of Aden, Mukalla, Nishtun, Hodeidah and Saleef and the Rudhum and Ash Shihr oil exporting terminals are currently open and operating as normal with no security issues. The port of Mokha, Balhaf LNG Terminal, Ras Isa Marine Terminal and Ras Isa Petroleum Products Reception Facility are closed.

Houthis attacks on commercial ships thwarted

A Saudi-led military coalition thwarted attacks by the Houthis. Namely, the movement used explosives-laden speedboats against commercial vessels, according to a Saudi-led coalition’s spokesman. Earlier this week, the Houthis informed that they conducted an operation in Saudi waters, during which they hit a military target.

UN: Port of Hodeidah must remain open to help civilians

During a briefing on the conflicts around Hodeidah port, Director of Operations and Advocacy division, John Ging, highlighted the importance that this port and the port of Saleef remain open. This will facilitate the flow of imports, in order to cover urgent needs for the people that are in distress.

Saudi Arabia continues oil exports in Red Sea

Saudi Arabia informed during the weekend that the oil shipments through the strategic Red Sea shipping lane of Bab al-Mandeb are now continued. Saudi Arabia had imposed a temporary halting of all oil shipments through Bab al-Mandeb, after Houthis rebels attacked two Saudi Very Large Crude Carriers in the Red Sea on July 25.


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