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U.S. imports to slightly recover from the pandemic

Amid COVID-19 crisis, National Retail Federation along with Hackett Associates issued the Global Port Tracker report, highlighting that U.S. retail container ports appear to be slightly easing from the pandemic.

NWSA container volumes fall 24%

The Northwest Seaport Alliance handled 247,675 TEUs in April 2020, as total container volumes declined 23.5% year over year.

Port of Long Beach to accommodate larger container ships

The US Department of Transportation’s Build America Bureau will provide a loan of $500 million to the Port of Long Beach, as part of a project to reduce traffic congestion and enable the port to handle large container ships.

FMC Commissioners call Congress to alleviate ports’ issues

Commissioners Carl W. Bentzel and Louis E. Sola urged Congressional leaders to help alleviate and bridge the financial gaps that could jeopardize continued healthy operation of US’s marine terminal industry and maritime transportation system.

Port of LA to invest $367 million on infrastructural projects

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the uncertainties that has brought, Port of Los Angeles informed that will invest $367 million in capital spending for infrastructural projects. Through the investments, the port goals to ease the economic impact of coronavirus crisis while enhance construction careers.

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