Erik Green

Erik Green

Erik Green, CEO, Green- Jakobsen A/S Erik Green is one of the founders of Green-Jakobsen in 2001. He graduated as a Naval Architect in 1990 and has a master’s degree in organisational learning and development. Within the maritime segment Erik’s expertise mostly relates to the development of corporate and individual safety culture (competencies), marine HR and leadership development. As a strategic business consultant with more than 20 years of experience Erik is specialised in helping companies develop both at a strategic, tactical and operational level. His professional competence covers marine HR and safety projects involving both employees and employers and he is an experienced project manager, subject matter expert, strategic executive coach and as a strategic business consultant. Furthermore, Erik is continuously engaged in the development of Green-Jakobsen’s own leadership training concept, and safety maturity development concept and methods.

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Embed and sustain your safety performance initiatives

Erik Green, Managing Director and Partner, Green Jakobsen, provides an insight on what an organisation can do to ensure that their efforts to build a more resilient safety culture are embedded and sustained. He comments that ‘initiatives without effect are basically a waste of time and money’.

Building resilient safety cultures takes more than a campaign!

In recent months large oil majors have been promoting the idea of developing more resilient safety cultures. Resilience is described as a company’s positive ability to adapt to the consequence of change, whether this change is initiated (caused) by market changes, innovation or even natural disasters.

Our safety culture is above average – crew use PPE and our LTIF is OK!

When we ask the overall question: How is your safety culture? 80% will give the above mentioned answer. So ‘above average’ is justified from these two parameters, but they hardly explain the truth about what is going on onboard the vessels. Safety performance is often evaluated from the outside, audits, inspections, etc., which is OK, but cannot stand alone.

Measuring real safety performance

Erik Green, Green-Jakobsen A/S explaines how to measure real safety performance, considering that TMSA3 requirements and industry stakeholders are increasingly turning their attention towards safety performance that is driven by people’s enhanced soft skills.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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