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Watch: Teekay Group put together an “IMO 2020 team”

In this video, ExxonMobil’s Marine Fuels Venture Manager, Luca Volta  challenge Teekay Tankers to a game of French Boules to talk about the fast approaching IMO 2020 deadline. The company put together the “IMO 2020 team”, a transition team that focused on finding the ideal fuels to be able to keep up with the upcoming regulations.  

Watch: Pan Africa gas trials

Teekay LNG Partners, completed its Shell-chartered quartet with the delivery of the Pan Africa. LNG newbuilding, Pan Africa, is the fourth and final ‘Pan’ vessel joining the TGP fleet, alongside Pan Asia (2017) and Pan Americas (2018), and Pan Europe (2018).

Watch: Eduart Toll transiting the NSR

Eduard Toll entered the open water in the Chukchi Sea and voyaging to the Chinese port of Jiangsu Rudong. Eduard Toll is the fourth of 15 Arc7 LNG carriers built for the Yamal LNG project and Teekay’s first of six LNG carrier newbuildings contracted to service the project.

Tanker market to recover in 2018, despite a disappointing 2017 end

December 2017 was a very disappointing month for the tanker market. Namely, especially for mid-size tankers it was the worst December for spot rates since the early 1990s and for VLCCs it was the worst December since the 1980s. However, in the end of 2018 and start of 2019, the situation is expected to recover.

Icebreaker Eduard Toll transits Northern Sea

Soon after delivery, the icebreaker ‘Eduard Toll’ completed both its first loading at Sabetta Terminal Russia and first discharge in Montoir, France. This marked a major milestone for shipping in the Arctic. ‘Eduard Toll’s’ journey is the first time a shipping vessel made independent passage, without the support of an ice breaker, during this time of year. 

Video: New scholarship for young Filipinos in maritime sector

The Future Leaders Program is a four year post-secondary education program where students are accredited with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation, and receive training to acquire the necessary education and skills to become successful marine officers.

Teekay’s first conventional Aframax tanker transits Panama Canal

Earlier this month, Teekay’s product tanker ‘Leyte Spirit’ completed safe transit through the Panama Canal, becoming the first Teekay conventional Aframax tanker to cross the canal. The ship is 243 meters in length and 42 meters in width and was built at Hudong Zhonghua shipyard in China in 2011.

Teekay: LNG exports increased in last month

In its monthly gas update for November, Teekay Corporation informs that LNG exports seem to have increased strongly, vessel charter rates are up for the rest of the year, and 2018 looks promising, which is attributed to the increase in LNG exports in second half of 2017.

Teekay: An upside is anticipated for tanker rates

While the third quarter of 2017 has seen the weakest rates since 2011 – 2013, the film informs that an upside is anticipated in over the winter season and into the next year, according to Teekay Corporation’s Marine Market Update for October.

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