According to Kevin Mackay, Teekay Tankers CEO, as the company is in line with sustainability, they were fully supportive on finding complaint fuels, towards burning low-sulphur, greener ones.

The company put together the "IMO 2020 team", a transition team that focused on finding the ideal fuels to be able to keep up with the upcoming regulations.

Head of Ship Management, Ray McNamara was the leader of the team and headed the technical, commercial and bunker teams. He added that availability was an important step to understand where they're heading.

This has been a multi-year preparation. We started back in 2016.

... as Mackay added.

Overall, Mackay focused on the fact that there are different 'teams', other in favour and others against low-sulphur alternatives. As such:

  1. You have the ones that want to stay with the older fuel technologies, fitting scrubbers and going with the 3.5% heavy fuels;
  2. You have those who are scared of the low-sulphur fuel mixes, and they stick up with a distillate product.

Concluding, ExxonMobil recently published a video with WinGD’s CEO, Klaus Heim, and Vice President for R&D, Dominik Schneiter discussing of the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap and what is to be expected after January 1 2020.