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International cooperation with Seychelles crucial against maritime piracy

INTERPOL Chief tells country's authorities The Head of INTERPOL has underlined the world police bodys on-going support to the Seychelles and pledged its global resources to the island nation in its herculean efforts to combat maritime piracy.During meetings (17-19 June) in Victoria with the Seychelles Minister for Home Affairs, Environment and Transport, Joel Morgan, as well as with its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam, INTERPOL Secretary General Noble said that the efforts of the Seychelles in fighting the global crime of maritime piracy were important to the security of all nations.The Seychelles is fully committed to working with INTERPOL to help create a sustainable response to the transnational threat of piracy. As a small island nation which has found itself increasingly on the frontline as the hub for international counter-piracy operations and prosecutions, the Seychelles welcomes the important support provided by INTERPOL and its global network in developing its critical law enforcement needs, said Minister Morgan.With the visit by the Head of INTERPOL coming in the wake of a decision by the European Union in February 2011 to fund a EUR 1.6 million project that will see INTERPOL provide essential equipment and training to law enforcement across East African ...

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Denmark comes to agreement with Seychelles for prosecution of pirates

New deal with island nation will help with the prosecution of pirates Denmark has reached an agreement with the Republic of Seychelles that the island nation will accept, jail and prosecute pirates captured by the warship Esbern Snare. Convicted pirates will thereafter be incarcerated in either of Somalia's autonomous regions, Somaliland or Puntland.The agreement, which was announced by the foreign minister and defense minister on Wednesday, is the latest development in Denmark's strategy to help fight piracy in the Somali basin and off the east coast of Africa.The Esbern Snare, Denmark's largest warship, has been actively patrolling the Horn of Africa for pirates as part of the Nato-coordinated anti-piracy action Operation Ocean Shield. The Esbern Snare is one of some 28 ships from several Nato countries involved in the effort.Until this week, the Esbern Snare had no recourse but to set the pirates it caught free on land, due to the lack of an international procedure for their prosecution."First and foremost we can make it more risky to be a pirate and that's something we are doing by, for example, creating an effective means for prosecution," foreign minister Lene Espersen said of the new agreement."The arrangement with the Seychelles ensures ...

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Anti-piracy, Maritime Security and International Maritime Information Sharing Conference

Will be held in Seychelles, from September 6-9. The Republic of Seychelles, in collaboration with the South Asia and Africa Regional Port Stability Cooperative (SAARPSCO), is honored to invite you to attend the global Anti-piracy, Maritime Security and International Maritime Information Sharing Conference to be held in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, from September 6-9.The Republic of Seychelles is an island country consisting of a magnificent archipelago of 115 islands nestled in the Indian Ocean. SAARPSCO is headquartered in The Seychelles on the main island of Mahe.The Seychelles has made impressive strides in identifying, thwarting and prosecuting captured pirates, and has forged commanding alliances with her steadfast international partners to defeat this menace. The Seychelles is rapidly becoming a world leader in combating piracy, and is uniquely qualified to host such a timely and compelling conference.Our purpose is clear and imperative: We are tasked with defending the international maritime community by launching robust programs to combat piracy, fortify port security, safeguard the oceanic environment, and ease conditions for international commerce on our waterways.As our guest, you will be meeting with global maritime, government, business, security, technical and legal stakeholders who will address the threat of piracy to the sea trade, especially the ...

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EUNAVFOR transfers Suspected Pirates to the Seychelles

Agreement between the EU and the Seychelles 11 suspected pirates detained by the EUNAVFOR Spanish warship, ESPS CANARIAS on 28 March 2011 were today transferred to Seychellois legal authorities for possible prosecution.The suspected pirates were detained by the EUNAVFOR warship after they allegedly threatened a Seychelles-flagged fishing vessel 260 nautical miles North West of the Islands. The transfer has been made possible due to the agreement between the EU and the Seychelles.Source: EU NAVFOR

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