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5 reasons why high seas need protection

The high seas make up the nearly two-thirds of the world’s ocean in areas beyond national jurisdiction; they extend outside the boundaries of exclusive economic zones and have few rules or coordinated management mechanisms. The following statistics show why it crucial to take action for the protection of the high seas.

UK reveals strategy to safeguard oceans

The UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson revealed an ambitious plan on 22 June, to bring together all of the Government’s international oceans work under a single strategy for the first time. The strategy will provide a blueprint for international action towards the oceans that supports the long-term prosperity of the marine environment.

How drones and AI can help tackle plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is, without any doubt, causing big problems. However, up until recently, not many were aware of the full scale of the problem. Thus, by using drones the size of plastic pollution can be measured more easily. This will inform more people, and will provide solutions to tackle it.

EU, UN Environment agree on new roadmap for cleaner oceans

UN Environment and the European Commission will cooperate through the 2018 Oceans Roadmap 2.0 to address the threats of pollution and marine litter, in line with UN Environment and EC international commitments and the implementation of ocean related Sustainable Development Goals.

A 10-step roadmap for policymakers against ocean plastics

A recent report by UN Environment, examining the state of plastic pollution in 2018, finds a surging momentum in global efforts to address plastic pollution. The first-of-its-kind accounting finds plastic bag bans, if properly enforced, can effectively counter one of the causes of plastic overuse.

Norwegian partnership formed to map ocean plastic

A new Norwegian collaboration, including the Institute of Marine Research, shipowner Torvald Klaveness, Kongsberg and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, seeks to develop a pilot project with the aim of mapping marine plastic and other environmental parameters vital to the health of the oceans.

Watch: Successful tow test for the Ocean Cleanup system

In May 2018, a 120-meter section of the world’s first ocean cleanup system was towed out of San Francisco Bay into the Pacific to conduct a two-week tow test. The performance of the system during the test left the team feeling more confident about the design and has exemplified that it is ready for the challenge it is set to face in the Pacific.

Robots to collect live ocean data from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano

A team of researchers from the University of Hawaii’s Hilo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the US Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, are using autonomous ocean robots, an unmanned technology, to capture live ocean data around Kilauea, the volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island.

IMO workshop addresses marine litters in oceans

Marine litter, including plastics and microplastics, are caused by land-based sources in massive quantities but can also originate from ships. An IMO Regional Workshop on MARPOL Annex V and Port Reception Facilities for the ASEAN Region aimed to raise awareness on marine litters and improve implementation of IMO garbage regulations.

G7 commit to healthy oceans and resilient coastal communities

The Charlevoix Blueprint for Healthy Oceans, Seas and Resilient Coastal Communities, signed at the G7 summit earlier this month, sets out G7 commitments on ocean plastics and creates a blueprint for the development of a more sustainable and climate-resilient future, with a focus on ocean science.


Are the vessels’ crew members aware enough of the new requirements of STCW Convention?

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