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Disposal of cargo residues

In line with MARPOL Annex V The Skuld P&I Club has issued a loss prevention article on the disposal of cargo residues in line with MARPOL Annex V.Preparation of cargo holds for the carriage of their next intended cargo is a critical element of bulk carrier operations, requiring careful planning and competent execution.Under the updated MARPOL rules, the same diligence needs to be applied when disposing of the associated cargo residues and wash water and this article examines some of the important elements to bear in mind.As well as controlling the discharge of operationally generated garbage into the sea, the revised MARPOL Annex V, which entered into force on January 1st,2013, provides restrictions on the disposal of cargo residues which remain on deck or in holds following loading or unloading of cargo.The new Annex V reverses the historic presumption that garbage may be discharged into the sea based on its nature and the distance from shore. It recommends that ships use port reception facilities as the primary means of discharge of all garbage.For more information, please click below to read Skuld's articleSource: The Skuld P&I Club

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HME Cargo Residues Disposal Clause for Voyage Charter Parties

BIMCO Special Circular on Voyage HME Cargo Clause published A new clause for voyage charter parties has been published for the disposal of cargo residues and washing water from cargoes that are hazardous to the marine environment (HME). It has been developed in response to amendments to MARPOL Annex V that came into effect in 2013.Amendments to MARPOL Annex V covering the disposal of cargo residues and hold washing watercontaining materials that may be "harmful to the marine environment" (HME), took effect in January2013.In July 2013, a revised version of the BIMCO Hold Cleaning/Residue Disposal Clause for TimeCharter Parties was issued (see Special Circular No. 6 - 18 July 2013) holding charterers responsiblefor the costs and time of removal and disposal of HME cargo residues and hold washing water.Under a voyage charter party, cargo residue removal and disposal would normally be for owners'account. However, there is at present no definitive list of HME substances, leaving determination tobe made subjectively by reference to listed criteria. In turn, this relies on the accuracy and integrityof shipper declarations or decisions made by port or other officials.This, in itself, is an unsatisfactorysituation and when coupled with the lack of suitable cargo reception facilities in ...

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