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KR presents guidelines for establishing network security

The Korean Register of Shipping launched its guidelines for achieving a network security; The guidelines consists of the explanation of network security, the ways to secure a network and also guidance on cyber security system requirement. 

Draft guidelines of heat transfer analysis of liquefied gas carriers

The Korean Register issued the Guidance of Heat Transfer Analysis for Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk/Ships Using Liquefied Gases as Fuels, highlighting that the cargo tank of the vessels transmitting liquefied gases in bulk or the fuel tank of ships using liquefied gases as fuels is likely to make the hull structure cold due to the low temperature of the liquefied gas. 

Draft amendments on Steel Ships Guidance

The Korean Register of Shipping issued a draft amendment on the rules for the Classification of Steel Ships Guidance 1 revised section, noting that the Class is committed to developing the Rules to meet the latest technical and customer requirements. Therefore, it calls its members in case of any comments inform the Class until Friday, June 7, 2019.

How to establish a system operation security

The lack or even absence of a system operation security policies can result to cyber crimes. When an unnecessary or vulnerable service is activated there is a possibility that it could be detected through network scanning and an unauthorized access or malicious code distribution will be exploited to hack the service.

Three key cyber-security terms explained

Cyber security, and especially cyber threats, are becoming more and important for the shipping industry, which gets affected as well. In order to help understand some of the basic terminology of cyber-security, the Korean Register of Shipping presents three key cyber terms. The terms are: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer); Man in the middle attack (MITM); and Sandbox.

Inside threats that affect OT and IT ops of a vessel

The Korean Register of Shipping provides an insight into the inside threats the maritime IT/OT systems face. Due to the development of the maritime sector, digitalization and automation experience many challenges, as cyber threats seem to be increasing.

Korean Register appoints Gabon to proceed to vessel inspections

The Korea Shipowner’s Association (KR) announced that the International Shipping Registry of Gabon has been advised to conduct inspections of vessels and issue certificates according to international agreements. In the future, Korean Register of Shipping will provide more rapid and satisfactory service to customers through more foreign agency inspection inspection orders and contribute to safety at sea.

Infographic: OT system penetration test to manage cyber attacks

Cyber attacks seem to be a common phenomenon nowadays, as more and more companies experience cyber threat incidents. Therefore, Louis Hur, CEO at NSHC & Shield Consulting co., Ltd. focused on the importance of Operating Technology system penetration test for the maritime industry.  

The importance of achieving mobile security policy

Since, mobile services and smart phones are commonly used nowadays, companies and corporations are more often exposed to new security threats. Therefore, the Korean Register of Shipping provides guidelines on how to be sure and establish mobile security policy, due to the fact the Internet is a challenging area nowadays and hides dangers.

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