# Maritime Cyber Security Type Approval: 

This kind of type approval certifies the manufacturers for the equipment that will be used, if confirmed deemed satisfactory by the Society as the results of carrying out the examination, tests and inspection specified in the Guidance before installation on board.

Composition of KR Cyber Security Type Approval Guidelines

Moreover, KR addresses the benefits of using cryptography.

If cryptography is required, the component should use cryptographic security mechanisms according to internationally recognized and proven security practices and recommendations

... Korean Register reports.

Specifically, encryption is a cryptographic transformation of data into a form that conceals the data’s original meaning to prevent it from being known or used.

This is a beneficial way when protecting important information, internal/external communication data and backup.

Also, Zeaborn Ship Management, Singapore, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BlocBox to build an immutable distributed ledger with blockchain technology to solve the challenges of retrieval of black box data, with the collected data being then converted into BlocBox encryption format.

Concluding, KR informs that the ‘use of cryptography’ is common requirements for security level 1 to 4, and manufacturers of equipment who would like to apply cyber security type approval of Korean Register required to prove that the encryption algorithm the system/equipment used is not vulnerable.

Examples of encryption confirmation using FIDDLER, one of the encryption diagnostic tools/Credit: KR