In light of the agreement, the partners will look for cyber security solutions to apply on new vessels and develop risk analysis and design safety evaluations for cybersecurity systems.

Ha Tae-bum, executive vice president of KR’s R&D Division commented that

The MoU and resulting joint research conducted with HLS will strengthen KR’s capabilities in the certification of new ships.

Choi Jang-pal, Head of Business Operation Division, HLS, highlighted the company's pleasure on cooperating with KR, boosting their efforts in developing their cyber security expertise, in order to prepare shipowners and their vessels for the cyber regulations that will come into force in 2021.

In June, KR launched its guidelines for achieving network security, and has established its own maritime cyber security certification system.

Overall, cyber security is of a great importance for the efficient operation of a vessel; Demand for cyber security protection has grown in recent years because of the rapid convergence of ship’s operational information and communication technologies and the increased exchange of information between ship and ship and ships and land.