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Port Commission gives the nod for Houston Ship Channel expansion

The Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority authorized “critical-path” professional services for the Houston Ship Channel expansion project. The expansion of the ship channel, the busiest in the United States, is seen as a driver for safety and future growth of commerce.

USCG reopens Houston Ship Channel after protest

The US Coast Guard informed that it reopened the Houston Ship Channel, on September 13, after a protest demonstration near Baytown, Texas. Namely, on September 12, 22 Greenpeace US climbers created a blockade from the Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown.

Greenpeace protesters block part of Houston Ship Channel

On September 12, 22 Greenpeace US climbers created a blockade from the Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown, Texas, shutting down the largest fossil fuel thoroughfare in the US ahead of the third Democratic primary debate in nearby Houston.

Enterprise to increase loading capacity at Houston Ship Channel Terminal

Enterprise Products Partners announced three additional expansion projects, aiming to increase the partnership’s capacity to load LPG, polymer grade propylene and crude oil from its Enterprise Hydrocarbon Terminal on the Houston Ship Channel. Today, Enterprise’s LPG loading capacity is around 660,000 barrels per day.

Port of Houston speeds up Houston channel’s widening

The Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority has moved to accelerate widening of the Houston Ship Channel, the nation’s busiest waterway. The port’s Authority cooperates with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other representatives of the federal government to speed up the funding and the completion of a deepened and widened of the 52-mile federal waterway.

Stormy weather affects ship traffic at Houston oil port

The USCG eliminated, on March 7, the traffic located along a specific area of the Houston Ship Channel, after severe weather conditions halted cleanup operations that were being conducted because of the petrochemical fire and the chemical spill of the previous month.

Stolt-Nielsen to be affected by Houston ship channel fire

London-based Stolt-Nielsen Limited foresees a negative financial impact on its tanker business, because of the fire at Intercontinental Terminals Company’s facility in Houston, which resulted to a chemical spill in the Houston Ship Channel.

Bottleneck in Port of Houston seems to ease with four arrivals

The bottleneck in Houston Ship Channel seems to be coming under control as four tankers on Thursday were preparing to offload or pick up cargoes in the busiest US oil port, according to AIS data. The bottleneck has reportedly cut 1 million barrels per day of shipments since Monday. 


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