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Port of Gothenburg container terminal to be fossil-fuel neutral by 2020

APM Terminals Gothenburg announced the launch of a machine park that will run on renewable fuels, doubling of rail-borne freight and optimising of loading and discharge operations, following the port’s aim on reducing its carbon emissions by 70% throughout the whole of the Gothenburg area by 2030.

Plans to double container-volume transported by rail by 2022

Port of Gothenburg announced its plans on doubling the volume of containers transported by rail to and from Gothenburg by 2022 aiming to emissions’ reduction of up to 98%. APM Gothenburg  is connected to more than 300 inland destinations in Sweden via rail, with more than 60 rail shuttles per week.

Port of Gothenburg preparing for Brexit

With the UK set to leave the EU on Thursday, October 31, the Port of Gothenburg is getting ready to deal with the effects and consequences it will incur for ship freights between Sweden and the UK and the handling of non-UK bound freight at the port.

APM Terminals Gothenburg cuts quay crane waiting times by 90%

The implementation of new standard operational procedures for container lashing at APM Terminals Gothenburg has managed to cut quay crane waiting times by as much as 90%. This translates to a reduction from 38 minutes to just four. Completing the operation faster, allows ships vessels to resume their onward journey sooner, also having significant cost savings.

DFDS enters 5-year agreement, opens new route

DFDS announced its five-year-minimum collaboration with paper producer Stora Enso, launching a new shipping route between Gothenburg and Zeebrugge. In light of this partnership, DFDS will transmit 700,000 tons of paper annually; The shipping company will provide two freight ferries to conduct the service. 

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