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Transport Malta investigation: Vessel sinks in heavy weather

Transport Malta MSIU issued an investigation report on the sinking of the fishing vessel Zaira in Marsascala Bay, resulting in death of two fishermen, on 4 May 2019. The investigation highlighted that the vessel sank after flooding of compartments and loss of stability.

ILO: The impact of COVID-19 on shipping and fishing

Among major business disruptions, the pandemic impacts the safety and well-being of seafarers and fishers, their ability to join their vessels and return home, and the future of their jobs. As of mid-April, the volume of global merchandise trade was falling by 13%, and there are estimates of a decline of 32% or more, WTO estimates. 

Snapshot of UK shipping disruption amid COVID-19

Following COVID-19’s impact on the shipping industry, the British Ports Association has been in close contact with the government, assessing the impacts, providing a summary of which sectors have been mostly affected.

NTSB investigation: Fatigue leads to grounding in Alaska

The NTSB issued an investigation report on the grounding of the fishing vessel Freyja while on the Bering Sea, Alaska, in March 2019. The investigation revealed the deckhand failed to monitor the vessel as he fell asleep due to extreme fatigue. 

NTSB investigation: Captain’s poor decision linked to vessel sinking

NTSB issued an investigation report on the flooding and sinking of the commercial fishing vessel Pacific 1 while in the Bering Sea, Alaska, in February 2019. The report identified the master’s decision to remain at sea with continuous flooding as key cause of the sinking. 

Fishing vessels in Antarctic fail safety checks, report finds

Fishing vessels in Antarctic waters are failing a majority of their safety inspections, Greenpeace International announced after analyzing PSC inspection records. The 26 reefers recorded transferring catch from fishing boats in the Antarctic in the period 2017-2019 failed 70% of their inspections.

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