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Lessons learned: Non-compliance linked to fatal vessel sinking

Ireland’s MCIB issued a report on a fatal sinking involving the fishing vessel ‘Beal Sruthan’ while off Craugh Island, Galway Bay, in May 2018. Although the cause cannot be determined, it is probable that the failure to properly blank off the redundant stern tube by failing to properly seal both ends led to the sinking. 

Project examines how satellite communications can support fishing in Indonesia

Inmarsat working with the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, its Department of Fisheries, the UK Space Agency and other partners marked the successful closure of a three-year fisheries innovation project. Using solar-powered satellite technology on smaller fishing vessels, the project aimed to improve safety, efficiency, ship to shore contact and offer possible fish stock sustainability improvements.

Report: Economics of the UK fishing fleet 2018

Turnover of the UK fishing fleet was close to £1 billion in 2018, a very similar figure to 2017, according to a new report by the Seafish Industry Authority. A 4% decrease was reported in the total operating profit with £268 million, mainly due to an increase in fuel prices.

Fishing for safety video: Why SMS is important in fishery

AMSA released ‘Fishing for Safety: Creating a Safety Management System’, a 16-minute video showing easy to understand steps, real-world stories and experiences of why an effective safety management system (SMS) is essential when working in the fishing industry.

Poor stability assessment leads fishing vessel to capsize with one fatality

NTSB issued an investigation report on the capsizing of the fish tender ‘Pacific Knight’ off Alaska in July 2018. The investigation identified several contributing factors to the capsizing, including poor stability assessment by the captain, vessel modifications, overloading and slack water in tanks. 

Lessons learned: Vessels fail to prevent collision

The National Transportation Safety Board issued an investigation report on the collision of two fishing vessels and the subsequent sinking of one vessel in the Gulf of Mexico in July 2018. The report identified issues related to poor lookout and inappropriate actions to avoid the collision. 

Three rescued from sinking vessel off Texas

Three people were rescued from a sinking vessel near Matagorda, Texas, on Monday morning. USCG Sector Corpus Christi watchstanders received a report of a disabled shrimping vessel that was taking on water, approximately two miles from the Matagorda jetties.

UK public organisation calls fishermen to participate in fishing survey

Seafish launches its annual survey, beginning from July 15 and will run until September, focusing on having a better insight into UK’s fishing fleet and its economic performance. Thus, the organisation asks for skippers and shipowners to take part into the survey and provide their feedback. 


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