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The hidden risks of biological corrosion

The IVR Association issued an informing paper explaining the hidden risks of biological corrosion and providing additional information on how to avoid bacteria that damage ship bilges; The technical leaflet “Biological Corrosion” is focusing on a number of cases where the issue of leaking engine rooms seems to be more and more common these days. 

Making hard choices for materials that last the distance

DESMI gained a solid reputation over the years for selecting exactly the right materials for its products to withstand the damaging effects of harsh environments. Aiming for a small-footprint system that uses a novel approach to ballast water treatment is a combination that has enabled DESMI CompactClean with its ability to kill organisms within just two hours, surpassing the USCG TA tests’ mandatory 24-hour holding time.

‘Catastrophic structural failure’ caused sinking of Stellar Daisy

Two years after the VLOC Stellar Daisy sank along with almost its entire crew in the South Atlantic Ocean, the Marshall Islands issued the investigation report on the accident, identifying a ‘catastrophic structural failure of the ship’s hull’ as key cause of the accident. 

Inadequate maintenance leads towing vessel to sink

The NTSB issued an investigation report on the flooding and sinking of the towing vessel ‘Nancy C’ on Lower Mississippi River, near Dyersville, Tennessee, in March 2018. The investigation identified poor maintenance as key cause of the incident. 

Corroded cargo hold access cover leads to fatal fall

Transport Malta released its report on the fatal  fall of a stevedore inside a cargo hold on the ‘Eugenia B’. The incident took place on 30 November 2017, when a stevedore fell during cargo operations. He was transferred to the hospital but he succumbed to his injuries.

Cargo hold cleaning: Why it matters

Bulk carriers constitute a significant fragment of the global maritime transport of goods, making up 15–17% of the world’s merchant fleets. Bulk carrier operations require careful planning and preparation to maintain cargo quality as is and to avoid any delays and disputes. One critical aspect of this preparation is the cargo hold cleaning.

How to avoid sprinkler head damage

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a technical alert to highlight issues concerning sprinkler heads, related to leaking bulbs and external corrosion effects, which can impair the automatic release of the sprinkler head.

Cathelco new Quantum control panel design

Cathelco have introduced a new series of Quantum control panels for their sea water pipework anti-fouling systems and impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems

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