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Career Paths: Andrew Stephens, Sustainable Shipping Initiative

In our special column this month, we are happy to host an interview with Mr. Andrew Stephens, Executive Director, Sustainable Shipping Initiative, who comes with a multi-cultural background. Mr Stephens worked in Dubai, Long Beach, Oslo and Hong Kong before returning to the UK 23 years later. This was not only fascinating but also helped him to adapt to a diverse and wide-ranging environment.

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Career Paths: Capt. Sivaraman Krishnamurthi, TrimSail Digital Solutions

Capt Sivaraman Krishnamurthi was the past President of The Nautical Institute and currently the CEO of TrimSail Digital Solutions. His new venture on entrepreneurship into deep technology is what really excites him the most. Data science, AI, IoT are part of the continuum for the industry providing tools for risk prevention and operational efficiency.

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Career Paths: Kathryn Neilson, MNTB

Prior to joining the MNTB in 2017, Kathryn worked for Royal Caribbean International overseeing the Company’s cadet training programme. As she explains, there she found her mentor who was her senior leader. In a man’s world it’s a challenge as a woman to be taken seriously, but with the right support and a great deal of determination everything can happen, she notes.

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Career Paths: Panos Zachariadis, Atlantic Bulk Carriers Management

Mr. Zachariadis shares worthwile milestones in his career, highlighting that his decision to sail as engine crew (third engineer) in a bulk carrier and an oil tanker for a full year after obtaining his degree was a unique experience. This assisted him in communicating properly with seagoing personnel, having faith that his instructions to them were technically correct and doable.

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Career Paths: Jukka Merenluoto, ONE SEA – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem

In our special column this month, we are pleased to host an interview with Jukka Merenluoto, who as Senior Ecosystem Lead of ONE SEA - Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem DIMECC Ltd introduces us to the autonomous world of shipping. Maritime digitalization is an very interesting area for Jukka who highlights that suitable application of technology will only improve safety at sea.

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Career Paths: Paivi Haikkola, One Sea Ecosystem

In our special column this month, we are pleased to host an interview with Päivi Haikkola, Senior Ecosystem Lead, One Sea Ecosystem DIMECC Ltd who she finds it exciting to work on new technologies for the maritime industry. The most recent developments in AI and computing can now be utilized within maritime. However, she notes, there is still a lot of misconceptions about autonomous remote operated and related technologies.

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