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Career Paths: Bernard van Haeringen, GoodFuels

In our special column this month, we are pleased to host an interview with Mr. Bernard van Haeringen, Commercial Manager, GoodFuels, who strongly believes in the power of collective to work towards a better world. He also describes how he joined the maritime industry, noting that his passion about sustainability and his overall lifestyle and mindset have led him into this career path, for which is really excited.

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Career Paths: Adam Parnell, CHIRP Maritime

Mr. Adam Parnell, Director (Maritime), CHIRP, says that the maritime career offers many opportunities for both personal and professional growth and advise us to start actively networking and invest in continuous learning. With regards to safety incident reporting, Mr. Parnell says that the picture picture is missing; in that regard, CHIRP Maritime are focusing on data-sharing partnerships.

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