Shaun White

Shaun White

Shaun is an engineering manager, with a broad and in-depth knowledge of the marine industry and extensive experience in commercial management, project management and technical engineering design. Foreship UK Ltd is the new subsidiary of Foreship Ltd which commits the leading naval architecture and marine engineering company to securing a strategic presence based in the United Kingdom. Shaun has expertise in applying knowledge and cross-sector experience from the commercial shipping, cruise, passenger, and defence sectors to establish and further develop UK maritime industry partnerships.

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Career Paths: Shaun White, Foreship UK

Shaun White, Managing Director, Foreship UK Ltd., emphasizes the significance of maintaining a work-life balance, crucial for overall well-being. Over the last five years, he has concentrated on prioritizing self-care, setting boundaries, and allowing time for recharging. This shift in mindset has been transformative, boosting his energy, productivity, and creativity while also affording him quality time with his family.

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