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UK public organisation calls fishermen to participate in fishing survey

Seafish launches its annual survey, beginning from July 15 and will run until September, focusing on having a better insight into UK’s fishing fleet and its economic performance. Thus, the organisation asks for skippers and shipowners to take part into the survey and provide their feedback. 

UK seafood industry wants exports to be protected ahead of Brexit

Actors of the Scottish seafood industry have told UK environment and food secretary Michael Gove, that more needs to be done in order to protect exports after Brexit. More specifically, they worry about delays of fresh fish being delivered by truck to Europe.

UK fishing industry prepares catch certificates in the event of no deal Brexit

The UK fishing industry is being supported to start preparing their businesses for the Brexit to make sure that even after exiting the EU they will be able to continue importing and exporting fish and fish products. Yet, the fishing industry has been protected in the ‘Trade’ part of UK’s Government ‘four scenarios of No-deal Brexit’ in the possibility of a no deal scenario. 

BPA: UK fish should be landed in UK ports post-Brexit

The UK government issued a White Paper over the summer charting the government’s course for sustainably managing fisheries after Brexit and launched the Fisheries Bill on 25 October. Responding to the Bill, Mark Simmonds from the British Ports Association noted that Brexit is an unprecedented opportunity to take a fresh look at how UK communities benefit from this valuable resource. 

France, Britain compromise on scallop dispute

French and British fisherman have achieved compromise over a dispute on scallop fishing in the English Channel, according to an official form the French Agriculture Ministry. The dispute concerned the size of boats that are allowed to fish in Baie de Seine waters, where scallops can be found in large quantities.

UK government’s post-Brexit fisheries vision still unclear, says BPA

On 4 July, the UK government published a Fisheries White Paper, as part of its efforts to promote a sustainable fishing industry for future generations. Responding, the British Ports Association stressed that the paper should have more focus on ports and infrastructure, noting that key concerns for the industry remain unanswered.


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