To remind, despite the crew change restrictions imposed to the shipping industry because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore recently announced the ease of the restrictions under specific conditions.

Now, the SGCCWG published the Singapore Crew Change Guidebook which will provide guidance to the shipping community on how to effect crew change in Singapore during this crisis.

Accordingly, the Guide reminds that the crew change process for sign on and sign off in Singapore goes as follows:

  • A safe and coordinated planning process, ensuring minimal contact between crew and various staff of hotel, transportation providers and launch hire services
  • All aspects of the value chain are considered including self-reporting of health status to detect early symptoms and seek prompt medical attention

Moreover, it is highlighted that to mitigate the risk of importation and spread COVID-19 in Singapore and to the ship, the crew must be transferred directly between the vessel and the point of arrival/departure.

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Singapore Crew Change Guidebook