It is reported, that the Authority has invested four million euros to restore the facilities of two existing floating docks which had been partially suspended their operations and caused ceaseless decreasing of competitive power.

PPA S.A managed to recover the healthy and safe environment in Perama ship repair zone through upgrading the security facilities and disposing hazardous chemicals which was accumulated over many years.

The Authority also managed to acquire one more floating  dock, named “Piraeus III”, with 80,000 tons capacity. The dock was invested through international public tender and brought into production, which has served 80 ships till now.

The first stage of the investment has already proven to be fruitful, with the Authority reporting an increase of docked ships from 69 of year 2016 to 108 of 2019 by 56% and the berthed for repairs ships increased to 292 from 233, by 25%.

In 2020, having the COVID-19 as main challenging factor, the ship repair business volume is estimated to keep increase, docked ships will increase up to 130, nearly double from 2016.

PPA commented that

Based to the above, PPA is glad to verify the ship repair business recovery signal. The ship repair works are all provided by the local private ship repair companies and workshops with high quality.

Concluding, PPA announced a new project tender with budget of over 20 million euros, aimed to further upgrade the infrastructure and electromechanical installations to enhance the facilities productivity and eliminate the shortage of power and water supply in berthing slots of Ship Repair Zone.