Moreover, Paul Anderson, Port Tampa Bay President and CEO stated that CMA CGM's announcement represents the development of the US Gulf market and the importance of the Tampa Bay/I-4 Corridor region.

Additionally, Nick Fafoutis, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at CMA CGM America, reported that

The PEX3 offers an outstanding service to and from Asia, and now shippers in Central Florida will have enhanced access to it.

He continued stating that the Tampa call will be the first ever direct connection between the booming Vietnam market and Central Florida.

Port Tampa Bay's location has advantages, as it complements the western and central Gulf ports of Houston and Mobile.


Furthermore, Port of Tampa Bay announced on December 2018 direct link with Asia, with the new service being Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Yantian-Houston-Mobile-Tampa.

CMA CGM is present in 160 countries, a fleet of 506 vessels and serves over 420 ports across the globe and is a member of the Ocean Alliance.

Port Tampa Bay is the closest port to Florida’s fastest growing region and its largest consumer market - the Tampa Bay/Orlando I-4 Corridor.

Because trucking costs are increasing, Port Tampa Bay's location is ideal on offering the lowest delivery cost solution for exporters and importers.

From the beneficial location importers and exporters achieve significant savings in their truck delivery costs to serve the entire state, as well as reaching into markets throughout the Southeast and beyond