In light of the situation, President of the Valencia Port Authority (PAV), Aurelio Martínez noted:

TIL terminal projected in the northern expansion will be the most environmentally advanced in the world, since it will minimize CO2 emissions by supplying electricity to ships, will contemplate the use of up to 98% of electrical machinery, the origin of energy will be 100% from renewable sources, or the reduction of 98% of current CO2 emissions.

Once the container terminal is fully operational, it is estimated that will double the economic activity of the Port of Valencia and generate around 80.000 jobs.

In 2030 with the terminal in operation, more than 44,000 new jobs will have been created, doubling the current number of jobs -direct, indirect and induced- that the port currently generates, doubling to 80.000 jobs.

...President of the PAV continued.

What is more, the North Terminal project will allow the Port of Valencia to generate close to 6.000 million euros in Gross Added Value, strengthening its position as one of the driving forces behind the generation of wealth in the Valencia region.

Valencia is going to have the most modern, efficient, qualified job-generating and environmentally friendly terminal.

...Aurelio Martínez concluded.