The report by Danish Shipping, Danish Energy and Wind Denmark studied what investments in offshore wind can create in terms of employment throughout the value chain - from production of the turbine to dismantling approximately 25 years later.

Once again, the figures clearly show that investments in green energy make a large and important contribution to the Danish society in terms of jobs in Denmark,

...says Jan Hylleberg, CEO of Wind Denmark.


Danish companies have more than doubled their turnover in offshore wind over the past ten years. In 2010, offshore wind amounted to approximately 20% of turnover in wind companies, and by 2020 that figure has risen to approximately 40%.

Offshore wind has become a major business for the shipping companies, and close to 200 Danish vessels are engaged with offshore wind. This creates jobs in the Blue Denmark - not least in the peripheral regions, and we can now see that for every gigawatt of offshore wind that is set up, 1,400 full-time jobs will go to seafarers,

...explains Anne H. Steffensen, CEO and Director General of Danish Shipping.

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The report concludes that for every GW of offshore wind invested in Europe, 9,100 full-time equivalents will accrue to Danish companies when all effects are taken into account. Current figures show that Danish companies have a market share of offshore wind in the EU of 40%.

The potential becomes even bigger when taking into consideration the European Commission’s target of 450 GW offshore wind by 2050.